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Creativity + Technology + Data Science for TECH Industries

At DiHunch we believe that by mixing creativity with data and technology we can improve any brand and make it stand out in today’s digital world. Rememberable brands with clear strategies, that’s our mission.


Amazing ideas, powerful results.

We believe that brand building and data analytics are the key to a company’s healthy growth.


We analyze the market and detect new opportunities. This way we can evaluate your company's current situation and recommend solutions.

Brand Building

We do branding, yes, but we also take care of building and strengthening your brand throughout its growth and expansion process.

Brand Strategy

We make strategies based on data and technology (AI, social listening, blockchain, etc) so that potential customers know your brand.

Sustained business growth can be achieved with technology, data and creativity. Lots of creativity.

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Meet our TEAM

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Creative and Analitycs in one place

Majo Rosales-Cuello

Content Manager

Matias Barrera

DiHunch CEO

Keyla Marquez

Community Manager

Pilar Torres

Project Manager

Pablo Mendizabal

Data Manager

Macarena Bernardi

Graphic Designer

Lucia Bas

Graphic Designer

These are some of the reasons why you need us to empower your company.

❤ + brand culture + a little bit of craziness
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Data science + analysis + innovation
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Trends + awareness of the digital ecosystem
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Professionals with an eye on data, technology and brand building.

The stylish and organized interior represents the way to feel happy and complete. Design and comfort are primarily important for the success of a person’s life.

Innovation and technology

Creativity + Brand Spirit

International & bilingual team

A tailored Strategy for each client

Growth Marketing applied

Powered by Data Driven Services

MIT Big Data & Machine Learning

Fresh new ideas every month

Research experts

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